Anna realizes that she has a strange feeling for Okuma, a pure and unique love. She begins stalking Okuma and sending him love letters with her "love juices" in them. At school she initially becomes bashful around Okuma and begins to crack down on the indecent acts going on at school in order to get Okuma's love and approval. In order to lure out this person, so that Otome can witness an intimate scene between Okuma and this person, in order to inspire her erotic art, Ayame decides to have Okuma leave out a note on the door saying that he accepts the stalker's love. While waiting, Okuma falls asleep. During the night, Anna walks in, shuts off the light and pins him down. she then rips off his clothes and attempts to have her way with him, become one with Okuma in the pure act of love (sex). before she gets too far Ayame comes in to scold Okuma for the sign not being hung on the door (Anna removed it), and she is shocked to see a naked Anna on top of Okuma. Anna then picks up her clothes and runs off embarrassed. After witnessing the scene, Otome becomes inspired and is enlightened on what "docking"(sex) is and begins to draw scenes with her mouth ( to avoid the PMs detecting her hand motions, and arresting her). Anna then walks home where she founds Hyouka who confronts her about her change in policy dealing with students, which she tells her is all so that Okuma will love her, which Hyouka finds to be selfish. this conversation reveals how warped Anna's mentality actually is due to her upbringing.