Fuck me ahhh

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Black Headband

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Ayame is Anna's fellow Student Council member and her friend in the academy. Unbeknownst to Anna herself however, Ayame is the infamous erotic terrorist named "Blue Snow" and a founding member of the infamous SOX who loves to scream profanities and throw dirty photos of women and men.

===Tanukichi Okuma=== first kiss. And because of her not knowing how to id and she did yes, it leads her to sexually assaulting Okuma and wanting his love nectar.

Equalization. "I've been overcomed by the desire to have a taste of _you_!"

"Don't worry, it is merely love nectar, sweet and pure."

"So your cookies, has my love nectar mixed in the dough!"

"This feels like the purest thing in the world, it must be love! It feels like magic in my thighs that I must open! Do you have the same feelings in you Mr. Okuma?"

"Okuma, why are you sleeping with a girl who's not me?"

"Okuma! Give me my reward!"

"Oh where are my manners? Here I am meeting Okuma's sister and I haven't introduced myself!"

"Oh why hello. For the past time me and your brother have had developed a deep and growing affection. But I must go now."

"Look Okuma, we can be alone for a good while.."

"It's good you're his sister and not some random tramp. Now Okuma doesn't need to go bye-bye."

"No! I won't give them up! I have done so much just to gain your love! Don't I deserve some affection in return?! Okuma, you are just too cruel!"

"Okuma, I have picked up on a scent you sent me, meaning you finally accepted my love!"

"Okuma-kun! I'm so happy! I can feel our deep love synchronizing!"

"I must destroy you Blue Snow! Then Okuma will finally love me!"

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