Anna Nishikinomiya
Anna Full
Personal Info
Kanji アンナ・錦ノ宮
Romanji Anna Nishikinomiya
Occupation Student Council President of Tokioka Academy
Family Matsukage Nishikinomiya (Father)

Sophia Nishikinomiya (Mother)

Age 16
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Silver
Anime Episode 1

Anna Nishikinomiya (アンナ・錦ノ宮, Anna Nishikinomiya) is a student at Tokioka Academy and is currently the president on the student council.

Appearance Edit

Anna has white hair with bangs and a headband. She appears to have a fair complexion and slim figure. In the academy compounds, Anna is often seen wearing her school uniform, but she also has formal and casual outfits as well.

Personality Edit

She is a responsible person and student council president. Despite her status, she has been shown to be quite naive and clueless when it comes to lewd materials. However, when it comes to Tanukichi, after they accidently share a first kiss, she attempts to rape him (does rape him) and collect his "love nectar", which is shown throughout the series progressively. She can be very obsessive over him at times, which is also shown a lot throughout the series.

She also possesses a "yandere" personality, as shown when she held Ayame with scissors to her throat when she noticed how much time Ayame and Tanukichi spent together.

She is very fast and the best fighter of the series. Her strength appears to triple when overcomed with the desire to have Tanukichi. In the end we also learn she is super strong, surviving a fall from a huge altitude.

Background Edit

Has a mother who is very keen on worldwide takeover on eliminating anything lewd and has followed in her footsteps, rather ironic because she is determined to have Tanukichi eat her "love nectar" which has no need to be explained. (She literally put her "love nectar" in dough and baked it to give it to Tanukichi)

Relationships Edit

Ayame KajouEdit

Ayame is Anna's fellow Student Council member and her friend in the academy. Unbeknownst to Anna herself however, Ayame is the infamous erotic terrorist named "Blue Snow" and a founding member of the infamous SOX who loves to scream profanities and throw dirty photos of women and men.

Tanukichi OkumaEdit

Anna's childhood friend and also her fellow Student Council member. She also apparently wants him to be her first. He also likes Anna's innocent and pure side but she does not know this and is constantly raping and having sexual contact with him.


"I've been overcomed by the desire to have a taste of _you_!"

"Don't worry, it is merely love nectar, sweet and pure."

Trivia Edit

  • Anna's voice actress passed away October, 2015.
  • Anna's likes are Tanukichi and justice and her dislikes are if anybody steals Tanukichi's "personal" property or Tanukichi himself.
  • Her outer appearance of silver hair, fair skin, and blue eyes give her an angelic appearance.
  • Due to her parents being strict morality enforcers, and being a firm believer of their ways, Anna also sports the longest skirt out of all the female students.


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