Ayame Kajō
Personal Info
Name Ayame Kajou
Kanji 華城 綾女
Romanji Kajō Ayame
Occupation Leader of SOX, Student Council Vice-President of Tokioka Academy
Family Masashi Endo (Father)

Nadeshiko Kajou (Stepmother)

Gender Female
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Black
Anime Episode 1
Ayame Kajou (華城 綾女, Kajō Ayame) is a student at Tokioka Academy and is currently the vice-president on the student council. Outside of school, she is the terrorist, Blue Snow, who wears panties on her head, spreads pornographic cards and shouts dirty jokes in defiance of the Peace Makers. She is one of the main protagonists and is a founding member of SOX.


She is a girl of what seems to be average height, long dark blue hair past her waist and short bangs.


Ayame is the daughter of Masashi Endo. Masashi was a politician who was arrested ten years prior for 'raping a high school girl.' Her father was innocent however, because her father was being framed by a group of thugs that were run by the PM (Peace Makers.) Before leaving his daughter, he gave her a flip phone, allowing her, if she types a specific sequence of numbers, to talk free of PM surveillance for up to three minutes a day. Ayame is also Anna's best friend, meeting ten years prior to the current events when Ayame became sulky for not being able to tell dirty jokes. Because of Anna, she is able to normally blend in to society.


Tanukichi OkumaEdit

She started to develop a feeling to him after defeating White Peak. In episode 12 you can see that she feel embarrassed for only wearing bra and panties near Tanukichi OOF

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